FFXIV Communities on Twitch create
welcoming atmospheres

The Aethernet is a group of dedicated FFXIV streamers from various parts of the world with very diverse personalities and backgrounds.

  • Real-time answers to FFXIV-related questions
  • Experience Crafting, Gathering, Raiding, PvP, and more
  • Co-play opportunities with the casters
  • Warm places on Twitch you can call Home

Aethernet Team FFXIV Stream-athon Schedule


What Makes The Aethernet Special

Positive Communities

Every single caster on our team has built and provides an incredibly positive community for FFXIV players and fans.

Comfortable Environments

Be yourself and feel safe and welcomed as part of the Aethernet family while you making new friends in our FFXIV communities!

FFXIV Giveaways

Our casters can often be found giving away unique and highly-desired items from the Mogstation to help bring flair to your FFXIV characters!

Expert Advice

Raiding, PvP, Crafting, Gathering, Main Story Quests, and even Chocobo Racing and Verminion; our casters are among some of the best experts in the game!

Cooperative Play

Aethernet Casters can often be found teaching the latest Primal fight or raid tier in party finder and invite community members to join in or ask for help.

Interactive Casters

Every Aethernet caster provides an extremely interactive experience within their community where you can receive feedback or answers to questions in real-time!

Our Team

These are the casters who, every day, build positive and supportive FFXIV communities.



Spofie is the founder of the Aethernet and a nightly broadcaster that focuses on introducing new players to the game while also running endgame content.



Pook leads the stampede of cheerful Ponies on adventures into RPGs and more! Find him and the voices in his head taking on FFXIV bright and early every day.



Chili plays various characters on the interwebs and focuses on Story, RP, and sometimes high end content. Also a huge Alpha fan.

Social Media Director


Chao is an avid MMORPG-er, and has been playing FFXIV for years. A musician by trade, Chao’s schedule keeps him very busy- but loves hanging out with the Aethernet after work!



Josh likes to play all the things. But mostly you can find him playing FFXIV, Digimon Games, or Pokemon Games. He also the occasional racing game.



Revered for boisterous antics in FFXIV PvP and raid, Meast is a full-time software dev who enjoys building the inclusive and welcoming “bear-backer” LGBTQ+ community on Twitch.



Crev is an FFXIV and variety broadcaster, Retired USAF service member, Self-Care Ambassador and Cat Mom. She plays on the Sargatanas world of Aether Data Center.


Tequila Shots

Found on Gilgamesh, Tequila is a part time Broadcaster/Moderator focused on FFXIV + Variety Adventures. Join him for a relaxed atmosphere, music & occasional SHOTS!



Tua is a graphic designer and cat mom from Finland. She plays mainly on Odin, and streams EX trials and raids in the Party Finder on both EU data centres.



Rahhzay, aka The Moogle Mama, is a FFXIV broadcaster, loving wife, mother of two, and graphic designer who brings a fun and positive outlook to her online community. She is sure to bring a smile to your face with her derpy silliness and nerdy antics, kupo!



Seika is an artist, lawyer, and (iRL) Lalafell that enjoys hanging out with friends (chat) in a comfy environment. Drop by and talk about RPGs, anime, and memes!


Brian Ricardo

Brian Ricardo channel focuses on teaching and building interest in FFXIV PvP! He plays on all datacenters to engage with the NA, EU and JP PvP community.



Darian is a FFXIV artist that visits different servers and draws characters live! She creates art in different themes at every stream, while also creating a fun atmosphere for players to gather and hang at!



DeenialVT loves all things MMO's. Come along if you want to get stuck in with some comfy MMO chatter; Bring your snacks!



Komi is a FFXIV-focused JRPG Variety streamer! Catch her streaming on Primal, teaching viewers content from casual dungeons to end-game savage! Her friends are her power!



Curiousjoi plays a variety of gaming content - JRPGs, Fighting, Action-Adventure, and of course the critically acclaimed MMORPG FFXIV.



Rook is a FFXIV and variety MMO player that strives to create uplifting spaces for diverse gamers to connect with the games they love. She has a passion for lore, storytelling, and coming up with tinfoil hat theories.



Llamatodd is a FFXIV content creator who focuses on end-game raiding and coaching and making it accessible and approachable to new players. He will teach you how to improve so you can one day achieve your raiding goals!



MTQcapture, aka Mizzteq, is a FFXIV content creator and variety streamer. She is known for her raid guides, community teaching streams, terrible puns, and dying a lot in every video game she plays.



Dejavudea is FFXIV focused streamer with a bit of variety every week! Her stream space focuses on fostering a welcoming space, story content and RP!



SarahJane, is a FFXIV content creator, who's a huge advocate for Materia DC and encourages the OCE community to get together! You will see SJ run lots of community events and raids with her chaotic static!



MoRanes is an FFXIV/Variety Broadcaster. Loves tea, loves chatting, loves games. Does "Fun Facts of FFXIV” over on TikTok.



Angelus Demonus is a FFXIV streamer focused on solo content. He cultures a community of soloers that is welcoming and encouraging. He also streams variety from speedruns to JRPGs.



Aiya is a comfy FFXIV/variety streamer from Australia who enjoys casual to hardcore content. Her cozy corner of the internet involves a fun-loving community, a bit of banter and good vibes.



A comfy VTuber who enjoys JRPGs, farming sim and anything cozy. In FFXIV, she’s an Island Sanctuary fan and enjoys long hours of raiding. Water good!



Midnababy is known for tackling high end raiding content, and challenging games while maintaining a chill, and comfy environment. She is also passionate about educating the community on healing and savage raiding!